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2009 Sarasota Exhibitors
GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009
Sarasota Bradenton International Convention Center


Honda Cars of Bradenton is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

For over two decades now we've been doing our part to ensure a Green futureWe are privileged to have a product line that enables us to provide you with the opportunity to participate in that vision. 
Creating a greener world is big part of the Real DealVisit us in booth #1 at the expo, or our website:
We share the responsibility with each of our customers and invite you to join us and participate in creating a greener world today.  Think globally, act locally by driving a Honda Car or Truck.  We can make that easy. 

Learn about the new Honda Insight Hybrid: A Hybrid within Reach

Waste Pro is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida
Waste Pro is committed to the concept of "Going Green" and has undertaken numerous steps to accomplish this. 
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Green Directories USA™
is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine
is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

Sarasota County Government - Green Business Partnership

The Green Business Partnership is a program developed to recognize businesses that perform in an environmentally superior manner.  To become a certified GBP, the business must implement solid waste management, energy conservation and water conservation measures.  After implementing the measures and completing the application and the associated Assessment, businesses submit for review and an on-site assessment.  Upon verification that your business has  implemented the GBP measures, they become certified as a Green Business Partner.

Positive Change Media is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

Living Out East & On the Bay Magazine is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

DeSears carries 100’s of Energy Star Appliances such as High Efficiency Laundry and Refrigeration that can save, on average, 30-70% of your current appliances energy usage.  High Efficiency Clothes Washers will save up to 76% of water usage each wash!  DeSears also carries Energy Star 3.0 rated High Definition LCD TV’s from Sony and Samsung, the leaders in HDTV

Precision Digital Greenworks
is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida

Silver Star Promotions™ is a proud sponsor of GreenHome Wamalama - Green Business Expo 2009 - Bradenton/Sarasota Florida - Learn about our Green Promotional Items for your next Trade Show.


Sunbelt Solar Energy
Sunbelt Solar Energy is a division of Sunbelt Electric, Inc. We seek to bring eco-friendly solar photovoltaic power generation to home and commercial building owners in Florida.

Gettel Toyota

The third-generation 2010 Prius will offer enhanced performance and innovative design features.  Celebrated as the benchmark for cars of the future, the Prius has delivered superior fuel economy and ultra-low emissions to more than 1.2 million owners worldwide for over 10 years.

Toyota is the world leader in today’s hybrid technology, and is striving to bring you the most expansive line of low emission hybrid vehicles.  Here at Gettel Toyota we accept the challenge to all work towards a greener future.

That’s moving forward!

LeBuffe Enterprises

Pet's Life Naturally - We care about the health and wellness of your pets. We are proud to carry a great, if not the best selection of complete and balanced natural foods for your companions.

Green Lighting Solutions -
In just 30 minutes, Green Lighting Solutions can demonstrate how your facility can save between 45% and 90% of your lighting energy expenses—immediately. And, GLS will explain how the Green Lighting Solutions program can help make a gentler, kinder impact on the environment.

University of Florida/IFAS Extension

Simply Green Solutions -
Simply Green Solutions offers simple, effective options to green your business, community or home environment thus minimizing your imprint on the earth. We recognize businesses that make an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Those businesses will be promoted and chosen over competitors that are not green. We work together to create simple solutions to reduce resource usage, to build the local economy and therefore save money while helping the environment.

Score My Bills - Financial Wellness Program

Our SMB Prepaid MasterCard® works like a debit card for online payments and purchases.  There is no credit check and we can report positive payment history, including on time payments of rent, utilities, cable and cell bills… improving your credit score.  Program includes a discount cards for prescriptions, travel, shopping and more.

Bodacious Living Yoga Studio & Boutique
We offer a playful and enriching experience of yoga while inspiring an abundant philosophy in life. Our teachers are trained in Anusara Yoga®, a powerful hatha yoga system that unifies a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic Goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment™ developed by John Friend.

OC DesignerSource has become a highly respected source for the best talents in the industry of residential and commercial design.  Our company's goal is to support the professional tradesmen, accredited interior designers and artists that make our field what it is today.

Manatee Chamber of Commerce

G.D. Rogers Garden Elementary School

Be a Part of Manatee County's First Certified

"Green" Elementary School

Solar Source
Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.  This simple concept has given us an outstanding reputation with major Pool Builders, General Contractors, the Solar Industry, and all of our customers.

Wow Green
The promise of a safe, green home is finally here. Wow Green cleaning products offers your family a convenient all-in-one green home cleaning solution that’s safe, effective and all natural.

Mirasol Fafco Solar
Established in 1976, with offices in Nokomis and Orlando, FL, we are suppliers of innovative energy efficient solar electricity, solar hot water, pool heating and pool automation equipment.

Ryder Bikes

Center of Integrated Medicine

At Center of Integrated Medicine our purpose is to help each person achieve their optimum health by providing the highest quality acupuncture and oriental medicine at an affordable price. Each doctor is dedicated to listening to your concerns, educating you about your outcomes and never rushing through your consultation or treatment.


International Energy Resources

The IER Energy Saver Unit is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors through heat reduction and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility.  Customers using the IER Energy Saver Unit have realized savings up to 30% on their home or small business monthly power bills.

Cool Savings

CoolSavings, LLC is the home of the world's premier Air Conditioning Pre-Cooling System based out of Ruskin, Florida. Our goal is to save you money while making the Earth a greener place for the generations to come.  Get in the chill zone and SAVE up to 30% on your summer cooling bill!

Sustainable Eco Systems

Creating water gardens which are exquisite brush-strokes of nature – unique wonderlands, retreat for stress reduction, meditation, entertaining or relaxing at your home. The energy and beauty of our water gardens creates a serene environment and a natural habitat for animals… a reassuring way to give back to the planet a piece of paradise.

Macy's Termite & Pest Control

Tubular Skylight

TUBULAR SKYLIGHTTM brings daylight from the rooftop into your home, school, office or factory. The Florida Energy Conservation Office reports that TUBULAR SKYLIGHTTM increased light levels to the equivalent 1800 watts of light and produced 68% less heat.

Catch A Drip

We offer a variety of water saving products including Catch A Drip moisture hose made from 65% recycled materials to water your plants without ever turning on a faucet and an Atmospheric Water Generating Appliance… A Revolutionary Process and totally new untapped drinking water source now available to everyone and 55 gallon rain barrels too.

Roark Solar

Solar Heating For An Environmentally Friendly Future.  Now is the time to start controlling your energy costs. Take the first step toward a clean future based upon free, limitless energy from the sun. Proven, cost-effective solar technologies can heat your water, keep your swimming pool warm, and power your home.

70% of our business is from customer referrals. We are a Florida State Licensed Solar Contractor serving the Suncoast's solar needs for over thirty years, one house at a time. Become one of our satisfied customers and you can be referring us to your friends and neighbors.

Bradenton Preparatory Academy

Bradenton Preparatory Academy is an accredited, private, co-educational college preparatory school for grades K through 12th in Bradenton, Florida. At Bradenton Preparatory Academy, we are extremely proud of our extraordinary college placement record, national and international, the diversity of our student body and our dedicated faculty.

Right Edge Technologies

RightEdge Technologies provides the most comprehensive and easy to use software solution for any enterprise or organization to manage their services delivery processes.

Alex Kash Acoustic Artist

Sarasota Ford

Sarasota Ford is proud to support Ford Motor Company in its efforts to make a “Greener” America.  We have taken huge strides with Hybrid vehicles like the Ford Fusion and the Ford Escape which is rated America’s most fuel efficient midsize sedan for both hybrid and conventional gasoline models.

Ink To Your Door

Ink to Your Door is changing the way East County homeowners and businesses purchase printer ink. Their sister company, Lakewood Ranch based Phoenix Ink provides the refilling technology.  Ink to Your Door is providing an environmentally friendly service and product at substantial savings to our customers -all delivered to the customers door via electric scooters or eco friendly vehicles.

New Age Technology Consulting


Planet Pavers

Energy Neutral Solutions


Economic Development Council,
Manatee Chamber of Commerce

The Window Pros

We manufacture our own line of Impact and Non-Impact windows and have had an Energy Star- rated window since 2002.  We offer Green Home Energy Solutions like radiant barrier for attics and other energy saving products; free in-home energy audits where we go over ways to save the most energy for every particular home.

Save with Insulation

When your home is more energy efficient, it’s cheaper to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s one home improvement that’s simply smart. Adding insulation means you use less energy and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Neptune Memorial Reef
The Neptune Memorial Reef is an environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery burial. It has become a celebration of life that not only provides an extraordinary eternal resting place for the departed; it was constructed to regenerate life in the ocean.  Call it "life after life".

Located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in
Miami, FL it is the largest man-made reef ever conceived.  Over 16 acres of barren ocean floor is being transformed into a classical recreation of the Lost City, 40 feet under the sea.

Environmental Booty

Our mission is to educate and inspire people to make healthier, more informed consumer choices. Begin or continue your green lifestyle journey here with environmental news and health info about: organics, yoga gear, natural products, environmental toxins, vaccines, green jobs, carbon offsetting and ways to live chemical free.

Sarasota Document Shredding
Sarasota Document Shredding was founded in 2001 by police officers and veterans with the vision of continuing to protect and serve the community.  All of our employees are bonded and insured and provide a Certificate of Destruction for each completed job; which guarantees your material has been shredded and helps keep your company compliant with governing laws.   An added benefit is that your shredded material is 100% recycled.

Brighter World Painting

Brighter World Painting has been 'Brightening' homes and businesses in the Bradenton and Sarasota area since 2005.We are a FULL SERVICE paint contracting company with a focus on promoting eco-friendly products that will improve your home as well as help the planet.  We are your Sarasota Green Connection Approved Painters!

Tankless, Inc

GO TANKLESS TODAY!  A Tankless water heater, with one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, will save on your water and electric bills. It’s environmentally friendly, with significant energy conservation.  Take advantage of today’s technology with a new tankless water heater by the premier industry leader, Tankless, Inc.

Paradise Foam
Paradise Foam specializes in an environmentally safe spray foam from DemilecUSA. 100% water blown. No toxic substances are emitted. Contains no ozone depleting chemicals, VOC’s, formaldehyde, or asbestos. Energy Star approved. With this green product home owners can expect a reduction in their monthly utility bill of 40 to 50 %.

Protech Coating Services, Inc.

We provide Safety and Security Film for Windows, Clear Polycarb Storm Shutters, Storm Screens, and Exterior Paint and Energy Star Rated Coatings for Homes.  We'll be offering 25% off for anyone who visits our booth at the expo… and as always, FREE estimates on all of our products.

Godzilla Ink

What is Grenk? Grenk is a wide line of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges designed to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Grenk guarantees its customers a Zero Landfill Policy when they print with Grenk cartridges.


Entire line of all-natural preservative-free culinary blends, spices, marinades, and sauces, from appetizers to desserts!   No MSG, food dyes, fillers of any kind!   Flagship item is the infused grapeseed oils--healthier oils for cooking!   Wildtree products are great for gourmet cooks, wanna-bes and for those who don't have time.   Create spectacular tasting meals with just 3-4 ingredients in 15-20 minutes!   Taste-tested winners!

Silpada Jewelry

Massage Works of Sarasota

MassageWorks of Sarasota, Inc. was created in 1991 as a warm, caring and professional environment for the application of massage and NeuroMuscular Therapy. These therapies are an integral addition to your routine health care and are often covered by insurance with a prescription.

GrayHawk Window Systems

GrayHawk Window Systems offers the highest quality of products, including energy efficient windows and doors at wholesale prices.  Ask us about an available $1500 tax credit!

Zebedee Films

Zebedee Films provides high-quality productions using the most advanced, high-definition technology available.  Zebedee Films is a young, highly-motivated team that is local, mobile and ready to fit your needs!  We can help you take your idea from vision to reality.  Switching to digital means less waste and more energy efficient equipment so it's even better for the environment!

Harmony Institute

Holistic Stress and Pain Management, Natural Health Education, EFS-100 Energetic Charging, Thai Fusion Yoga Therapy, P Roshi Neurostimulation, Vibro-acoustic Massage, Whole Body Vibration, Chi Kung Massage, Magnetic Therapy, Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Jade Infra-red Massage, Pulsed Electric Reflexology.

Healthy Chocolate Company

Healthy Chocolate™ is made from the finest ingredients that are USDA certified organic, contains no sugar and is made with a proprietary herbal formula, using an all-natural chocolate-based delivery system that also provides the positive effects that cocoa has on the body.

eTec Panels
eTec Panels is a manufacturer of pre-insulated framing components for Residential and Commercial SIP (Structured Insulated Panels) applications.   eTec Panels are used for walls, roof panels  & curtain wall panels with a large variety of construction applications.  What makes eTec Panels Superior is their Construction Process’s and they are 100% Green!

Andrew E. Hooker & Associates

Marketing and Entertainment Product / World Class Printing / Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

Terra Firma Solutions

We help you save money and save the environment at the same time.  Our KVAR™ unit reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing otherwise lost electricity caused by the inductive motors in your home.

American Travel Partners